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Common Faults of Aluminum Profile Extruder and Their Treatment

Time: 2019-03-23 11:20:11

Author: 佛山市南海昊力机械有限公司



Common Faults of Aluminum Profile Extruder and Their Treatment


Fault phenomena: 1. Start the main motor, the main motor will not move or stop instantaneously.

2. The main motor rotates, but the screw does not.

3. The screw has speed indication but can not extrude material.

4. There is dirt in the extruded products.

5. The main motor power supply of extruder fluctuates greatly.

6. The extrusion material is unstable.

Reasons: 1. The main motor power supply is not connected, heating time is insufficient or a heater does not work, resulting in excessive torque, making the motor overloaded.

2. Loose belt, slippage, gear box failure.

3. The reasons why the material can not be extruded are: (1) there is no material in the hopper, (2) the feeding port is blocked by foreign matter, (3) the bridge is created, and foreign matter enters the extruder, (4) the screw falls into the metal and other hard objects (such as nuts) to block the groove, which can not convey material, (5) the screw is twisted, (6) the screw temperature is too high (poor internal cooling), (7) the barrel temperature is too high, (8) The viscosity of the material is too high to make the screw extrude. (9) Voltage instability, frequency converter instability fluctuations, (10) screw wear, screw slip.

4. There is dirt in the material and too much carbon deposited in the screw of the extruder.

5. The heater does not work, the torque is unstable, the main motor bearings are not lubricated or damaged, and the vibration is large.

6. Raw material feeding inlet "bridge", the main motor speed is not uniform, there are fluctuations, heating and cooling system matching is not good or thermocouple error is too big.

Processing methods: 1. Check the main motor power wiring. Check the temperature display of each section to confirm the preheating time or temperature. Check the heaters for damage or poor wiring.

2. Adjust the center distance between the two pulleys and tighten the belt. Overhaul gearbox.

3. Feeding into hopper. Exclude foreign bodies in hopper mouth or eliminate bridging phenomenon, reduce the temperature of feed end, check whether cooling water is passed, check whether the temperature of material baking is too high or too long.  Remove the screw immediately, remove the blockage, stop the machine immediately, remove the screw and repair or replace it. Check the screw cooling water system, increase the amount of screw cooling water, reduce the temperature and check the material properties. Stop immediately. Remove the screw for inspection. Check material and performance (some material is easy to slip, such as PP material). Addition of additives in the feed may cause slippage, and the optimum extrusion temperature should be found by constantly testing the temperature.

4. Replacement of materials. Cleaning screw, light can use screw cleaner directly extrusion cleaning, heavy can be removed screw, manual cleaning.

5. Replace heaters in each section if they are damaged. Check whether the connection of each heater is correct or firm, check motor bearings, add lubricants or replace bearings.

6. Clear the bridge of the lower opening of the hopper. Check the main motor and control system. Adjust the heating power, check the contact and installation of the thermocouple, whether the thermocouple is damaged, and replace the thermocouple if necessary.

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